Newport – Fire/Smoke Inspections need to be completed last – all permits must be closed prior to sale of a property

Video from Membership presentation The Fire Chief has informed Realtors that the inspections for smoke certificates should be done as the final inspection for the sale of a property.  Too often, other inspections, like past or present permits have not been completed and/or closed.  Listing agents should to do a ‘search for outstanding permits‘ when listing a property and have the property owner complete them before a fire inspection is ordered as the fire inspections will not happen until all permits on the property are closed.  Here is the search link PERMITS

Executive Orders: Face Masks

  • Happy 4th of July weekend!! Pleass be safe. Effective Saturday, April 18, all employees of customer-facing businesses MUST wear a facemask to go into the office or workplace unless an  (more…)

Caps imposed on EIDL loans

On Friday, April 10, the SBA announced a change to how it will administer EIDLs and the advance grants. In order to meet the high demand and provide funds to the greatest number of applicants, the SBA is reducing the cap on the loans from $2 million to $15,000, and the advance grants will be $1,000 per employee, capped at $10,000. The $15,000 is in addition to the advance loan of up to $10,000.

Code of Ethics

NAR has changed their renewal policy.  We are in Cycle 6 which means you have from January 1, 2019 – December 1, 2021 to complete your COE course. This will give you 3 CORE credits and your mandated COE class.