Executive Orders: Face Masks

  • Happy 4th of July weekend!! Pleass be safe. Effective Saturday, April 18, all employees of customer-facing businesses MUST wear a facemask to go into the office or workplace unless an employee can easily, continuously, and measurably maintain at least six (6) feet of distance from others for the duration of his or her work. Realtors should wear face masks to the office and to all showings unless they can measurably maintain at least six feet of distance from others and even then, face masks are highly recommended.
  • All such businesses must provide, at their expense, face coverings or materials for the making of such face coverings for their employees, made available staff-wide or individually upon employee request. Brokers are required to provide agent face masks when going to the office if requested.
  • All customer-facing businesses shall take steps to require customers to wear face coverings, including the posting of such requirement at the entrance of the business and such other steps as may be required by DBR. Brokers should post these requirements in their offices and share them with their licensees. Realtors should take steps to ensure that customers come to showings prepared with face masks.